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Multaq Mania

Today is 2/16/2011 and I have been post ablation now Multaq Maniaa year and 4 days, but who's counting.  

I have been largely Atrial Fibrillation free since then with the occasional recurrence of atrial flutter and some premature atrial or ventricular contractions, I don't know which.

When I say largely afib free I mean I have had at least one afib episode, lasting about 24 hours to two days each time, on about a monthly basis. This is a great improvement from the full blown permanent Afib I did have before my catheter ablation.

My cardiologist/electrophysiologist decided to try to fix these recurrent episodes with the new amioderone offshoot drug Multaq. Multaq is reportedly less toxic to the organs than it's cousin the gold standard afib drug amiodarone but it is supposedly less effective.

The idea was to try to use the less toxic Multaq to reduce or eliminate the afib spells while my heart heals and hopefully remodels itself from being in afib almost continuously for who knows how many years in my case.

Thus begins Multaq Mania. The first couple of weeks on it I was sick feeling and tired but this was a vast improvement over amiodarone which had made me so sick I had to stop taking it. Now I feel much better and the afib spells have almost entirely stopped - still some flutter but even that seems to be subsiding.

The jury is still out on Multaq and now the latest news is that it may cause some liver problems in some people.

It is my goal to be afib free and off all medication so only time will tell. The cure may still be evading me but still not bad for a single ablation away from permanent/persistant afib.

The story continues...

Multaq or Dronedarone


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